Our privacy policy outlines Zamal use and safeguarding of our customer infromation.


At Zamal we use multiple safeguarding procedures to ensure the safety of your information and collection of your information online.

Relevant information:

  • Email address and name
  • Location and payment details
  • Relevant advertisement offers and surveys

We use your information to:

  • Gather an understanding of your needs
  • Record keeping
  • Order processing and payment
  • We may send you emails concerning offers and for potential research enquiries.


  • Cookies allow us to analyse your web traffic, therefore various web applications can adapt to your needs. 
  • The above is not compulsory and consumers can choose to deactivate cookies or disagree.

We do not sell or distribute your information to external benefactors, however Zamal may use your personal information in order to optimise advertising campaigns online.

If you require any queries or require personal information relevant to YOU, please contact us info@zamalbeauty.com